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NEWS From Korea – day two.

The work-in-progress website is looking much better, I like the changes, and have commented such in an email to my son.
We’re on day two of an “around-the-world-tour” with Toby Keith, having arriving last night at Incheon’s airfield, which is roughly an hour & a half So. of Seoul.
The recent boating incident is still the headliner here, with a week of mourning starting this week, and that has changed our local schedule a bit.

Lots on the schedule, but personally – I’m trying to solve a minor/major problem: The frame of my clear-vision glasses broke last night. I’m jumping through early morning solutions to see if I can get it fixed ASAP, something that Koreans have totally mastered is “quick turnarounds”, like cutting you a nice, 3-piece suit in one-day.
So – I’m testing their skills with glass frames, and will report findings. Fortunately this photog has prescription dark glasses that’ll save me, hopefully, for everything but the night-time performances.
In this profession, you gotta be able to SEE what you’re about to shoot.
Road-Warrior tip number one: Carry spare pair of normal-clear-vision glasses ALWAYS when away from home (something I almost always do, but was trying to simplify my load).
I gotta shower, jump a high-speed train, or helo, to begin the day’s touring.
See you next installment…. Dave G

NOTE: We’re at the JW Marriott in Seoul now, Germany in two days (Ramstein AFB). Seoul is about a half day or so ahead of you now, with it being roughly 8AM here the 28th, and 4PM in SD the 27th.